Trailers NFTs were launched by BJ.COOL.AID and BAZ8BIT in October 2021 with one goal; to build a community of story-tellers.

The Trailers Project

Rather than competing with PFP projects, we choose to celebrate the diverse collections of communities which our holders are a part of. This means encouraging alpha chat, as well as sharing tips and artwork from other collections, all within the confines of a metaverse trailer park.

Each Trailer NFT is a Degen hideout. As well as playful nods to crypto and NFT culture, we have also offered our community opportunities to customise their trailers to include artwork from their own collections displayed on the walls.

From day one, our discord has served as an inclusive, creative setting for our holders to build the lore and landscape of our trailer park.

So far, this has involved naming the park ‘Hodler’s Hollow’, contributing stories, characters, and voices to our animation series Trailers TV, and creating park landmarks which feature in the interactive Map of Hodler’s Hollow.

Following the creation of this map, our holders will park their trailers in the 1,137 plots within Hodler’s Hollow, cementing their place in this special community.

Owning a slice of trailer park paradise will continue to have benefits long into the future.
Not only will our regular storytelling competitions and animations continue; we have already secured big name acts to play at our TrailerFest arts festival, as well as promising WL access to future projects.

BJ Cool Aid

“Heaven on Earth” – BJ Cool Aid



“The Man” – Everyone


Whitehat Coder

The Trailers Project 2021.
A CC0 Project.
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