Episode 1 – The reopening of Hodler’s Hollow is advertised on local metaverse television.

Trailers TV

As a project of story-tellers, we aim to co-create the lore of Hodler’s Hollow with our community wherever possible.

Trailers TV is the result of this. An animated miniseries documenting life at the largest Trailer Park in the Metaverse, featuring members of our community as characters, animators and voice actors.

With Episodes 1 and 2 already released, the scene is set for a bumper episode 3, which will not only expand on the lore of the park, but feature an exciting development for Trailers NFT Holders.

Thank you to our animation team SkyPunch for their great work collaborating on this project.

“Oh no, John! It appears I’m being approached now by some NEVERDOWELL degens!”

Episode 2 – A routinely slanderous OS Times report goes awry when an extraterrestrial spaceship arrives.

Episode 3 - Coming Soon

Another calm day at the park for most residents, but Sinbad has a warning for management.

The Trailers Project 2021.
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